Feb-Mar 2005

February 3, 2005: Scott Will, Rachel Hullett, & Kristen Mrozek are appointed to the Legion Council, joining Lynn Duffield, Doug Fesko, Matt Pfingsten.
February 8, 2005: First Regional Captains appointed in Midwest Base. Andrew Marsh (IL), Kimberly Fink (OH), Carrie Ivey (MI), CO Stacey Lee (WI), XO Matt Hofmann (IN).
February 17, 2005: Matt Pfingsten appointed Legion CO by the Legion Council, Council fills the LXO role.

March 25, 2005: Italian Base created, Fabrizio Donati is the CO. Spanish Outpost created, Felipe Pérez Palencia is the CO.
March 29, 2005: Honorary Member Don Bies inducted by Echo Base.


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