August 2008

August 23, 2008: Eagle Outpost (Poland) completed its probation period, and was approved to continue.
August 25, 2008: Approved Kamino Base to serve Rhode Island and Connecticut.
August 29 – 31, 2008: Dragon*Con
Announced the 2007 Rebel of the Year: Andrea Samulewicz.
Nominees were: Andrea Samulewicz, Neil Shivelle, Gil Guemes, Craig Barrett, Claudia R, Dave Clarke, Geof Krickhan, Steve Burns.
Announced the 2007 Rebel Costumer of the Year: Kathy Skirmont
Nominees were: Donna Keeley, Becca Kraning, Bill Costigan, Lisa Ford, Diego Arevalo, Don Trim, Chantal Freeman, Kathy Skirmont.
Announced the 2007 Base Commanding Officer of the Year: Jase Fox
Nominees were: Jase Fox, Mary Alice Ladd, Rachel Hullett, Stefaan DeBaer.

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