October 2009

October 9, 2009: Beret Balestrieri Kohn selected as the Legion Membership Officer for 2009-2010.
October 12, 2009: Re-selected Deidra Culp as the Legion Public Relations Officer; and Joel Webne as the Legion Merchandise Officer.
October 20, 2009: Midwest Base has approval to change name to Great Lakes Base, and has a new logo approved.
October 22, 2009: Rick Bouwhuis elected by Rebel Command to serve as Base Command Liaison for 2009/2010. Nominees were Rick Bouwhuis and Mary Alice Ladd.
October 29, 2009: Docking Bay 94 Detachment approved. Steve Elliot as the first DCO with Daniel (grey_starr) as DXO.

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