October 2012

October 1, 2012: Yearly Election Results:
Jason Rutledge “Commander Cody” continues as LCO, with no other candidates, there was no vote. And Dave Humphrey is confirmed to continue as the Rebel Legion Executive Officer (LXO).
Legion Council (LC): Robert Kohn (SoloYT1300), Alex McKeel (Orion knight-star), Kristy Glasgow (Anaria Zar-Rel), Sandy B. LaJaunie (Princess Sandy), Joel Webne (Shivannd)
Base Command Liaison (BCL): Suzi Stelling (Suzijedi)
October 16, 2012: Legion Officers selected:
Mark Jones- Legion Membership Officer, Deidra Culp- Legion Public Relations Officer, Gordon Gravelese- Legion Merchandize Officer
October 21, 2012: Mark Dermul inducted as Friend of the Legion for his work on saving the Lars’ Homestead. Inducted by Benelux Base.
October 24, 2012: Ryloth Base is approved to serve the state of South Australia. Alison “starfirephoenix” serves as the first BCO, and Tim “Vos075” as the first BXO.
October 28, 2012 – Member Dana “DanaWheels” Marshall of Alpha Base passes away.

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