September 2008

September 5, 2008: Mexican Base completed its probation period, and was approved to continue.
September 8, 2008: Approved Tatooine Base to serve Australia. Alison Davis as the CO, and Dave Humphrey as the XO.
September 11, 2008: Brian Anderson, and John Schlosser made Legion Costume Judges.
September 20, 2008: Announce the 2008/2009 Legion Administrative Council: Lori McKee, Bill Costigan, Deidra Culp. With only three nominees, there was no call for a vote.
September 20, 2008: Matt Hofmann re-elected as LCO. With no other nominees, there was no call for a vote.
September 24, 2008: Approved Puertorican Rebel Outpost serving Puerto Rico. Nestor J. Perez Balaguer as the OCO, and Jackritza Ortiz Cordero as the OXO.
September 24, 2008: Approved Mos Eisley Base serving the State of Arizona. Heidi Van Camp as the CO, and Joel Cranson as the XO.
September 2008: Due to lack of leadership and Base cohesiveness German Base Yavin was dissolved. Members in Germany reformed their own outpost – German Outpost Yavin.

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