September 2009

September 4-7: Dragon*Con

Announced the 2008 Rebel of the Year: Lori McKee.
Nominees were: Donna Keeley, Ed Cook, Jon Paulson, Lori McKee, Marc Bihoul, Rick Bouwhuis, Steve Burns.
Announced the 2008 Rebel Costumer of the Year: Bill Costigan
Nominees were: Becca Kraning, Bill Costigan, Chantel Freeman, Eric Skoglund, Jada Diaz, James Egner, Manel “L.M.SKYWALKER”, Marta “Aayla_La_Twileck”, Brian Anderson, Mark Bradley.
Announced the 2008 Base Commanding Officer of the Year: Dave & Alison
Nominees were: Dave Humphrey & Alison, Ed Cook, Roberto Mancera.

September, 2009: Honorary Member: Cat Staggs (artist) inducted.
September 28, 2009 Approved Nar Shadda Base to serve the states of Wisconsin and Illinois. Beth Johnson as CO and Augie Webster as XO.

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