Trading Cards

The Rebel Legion Trading Cards are not for sale. Rebel Legion Merchandise is not available for sale to the general public, the same holds true for our cards.
They are to be traded among other members, handed out to children at events and
at times benefits charities.

There are 46 cards in the first series, including several bonus cards. Bonus cards consisted of photos of major events in which the Rebel Legion participated, and celebrities who we’ve inducted in as honorary members of the Rebel Legion. The first series was produced in 2006.

Series 1

Series One
Released:  2006
#Cards:  46
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Series 2

Series Two
Released:  2008
#Cards:  58
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Series 3

Series Three
Released:  2010
#Cards:  54
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Series 4

Series Four
Released:  2011
#Cards:  54
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