Winter Festival 2012

Original report by: Tim Levan, Echo Base
Photos from: Jason S. Colflesh Photography

The Winter Festival to benefit Toys For Tots was a complete success! Echo Base joined Garrison Carida, The Galactic Academy, and the R2-Builders, for the day of collecting toys and monetary donations for Toys For Tots, on December 8th.

Rebels started the day early (at 8 am!), arriving at the Social Hall of the King of Prussia, Pennsylvania Fire Department and kept streaming in until 9 am. Every one was perfectly on time (expect me.) We set up our tables quickly and ran shifts for changing into our costumes; our recruits did a wonderful job – CDZ0209, Sarah, Erica, Ryan M.’s friends, all of you deserve a standing ovation for the job you did. Plus, Jason Colflesh did yet another amazing job of photography!

There wasn’t always a big crowd of people, but the boxes for toys were consistently getting filled! Echo Base raised funds for the group by way of a toy raffle which we did at the top of the hour from 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm. Items included Event tee shirts, and toys from the Base’s toy cashes. Plus Garrison Carida did Shoot-A-Trooper. By the end of the day, combined we raised over $500! Plus, the group donated 500 Star Wars toys.

We had a great selection of costumes and props! In my time with the base I have been a part very few events where we had this many recognizable characters! Close to 70 members. That’s 40 members in costume from the Rebel Legion, 501st Legion, The Galactic Academy, and the R2-Builders plus Salacious B. Crumb; and 30 or so of support.

A great opportunity was made between Toys For Tots and Echo Base; we will be requested again!! Thank you everyone for who you are, and what you do!

Photos by Jason Colflesh
Photos by Garrison Carida
For a listing of the members that participated, check out Tim’s original report HERE.

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