Yearly Award winners – 2012

Congratulations to Richard Heffernan (Gius Maximus) our 2012 Rebel of the Year, and Angel Martinez (Puerto Rico Base) our 2012 Commanding Officer of the Year!

2012 Award winners - Angel Martinez, Richard Heffernan

And to all the nominees:
Rebel of the Year: Diego Javier Arevalo (the.rebel.agent), William Desiderio (Wideko Deskort), Jason Humphreys (Fyr Mureys), Steven Kocsis (sandman), Ryan Miorelli (Jaren Valnor), Andrew Shaddox (Andrewshaddox), Pam Simpson (Twi’lek Pam), Christian Ariel Tovar (Arie Tov), Jan Wilms (Khepry)

Commanding Officer of the Year: Keith Casella (Sabeuax) and Matt Hoffman (hofmann).

Thank You to everyone for all the work you put into our organization!

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