ARC Null Class, Clone Trooper (realistic)

ALL, Clone Troopers, Episode II (AOTC), Expanded Universe


Numbering only six, the Null-class Advanced Recon Commandos were the first clones of Jango Fett created by the Kaminoan cloners, and the prototypes for the Grand Army of the Republic. They were deemed a failure by the Kaminoans and were not put into mass-production. However, Mandalorian mercenary Kal Skirata saved them from termination by the Kaminoans and later adopted all of them.

All of the Nulls were named after Mandalorian warriors. (Source: Wookiepedia)


NOTE: This clone wears Phase I (Episode II) armor with additional paint and accessories. Only those additional items are listed here.

1. Helmet

  • Colored command stripe around visor and down center of dome (Yellow=Commander / Red=Captain / Blue=Lieutenant / Moss Green=Sergeant)
  • Fett-style Range Finder on right side of helmet. Mounted in the ear, not to the outside. Stalk should be metal colored. Range finder should be black.

2. Armor

  •  Chest

Four command dots lined on the left breast. (Red=Captain… Blue=Lieutenant… Moss Green=Sergeant). Dots are approximately .5 to .75 inches in diameter

  • Shoulders

Rank stripe down the center

  • (2) Upper Arms

Rank stripe on the outside of the bicep, located slightly more toward the front

  • (2) Elbows

Rank stripe on outer half of elbow plate

  • (2) Forearms

Raised left forearm includes metallic dart, 5 square yellow buttons on outer area and two buttons on inner area of forearm
Rank stripe on upper/outside

  • (2) Handplates

Entire plate painted with rank color

3. Pauldron Episode III style

  • One large shoulder plate approximately the width of the helmet and painted with matching rank color
  •  One black smaller shoulder plate approximately the same width as the distance from the neck and outer line of the armor at the shoulder
  •  Mantle (or base) should be black

4. Kama

  • Charcoal grey and rectangular shaped with 4 inch “V” cut in bottom/center
  • Matching rank color trim, 1 inch wide


1. Pistols and Holsters

  • One holster on each hip, hanging from the belt
  • ARC or DC-17 pistols acceptable

2. Large Boba Fett-style belt pouches

  • 2 pouches or boxes hanging from opposite sides of belt at hips
  • Pouches/boxes may be soft or rigid

3. Right forearm

  • 4 square yellow buttons
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