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Rebel Legion Charity work - $30,000 to Starlight FoundationImage2023_Legion_Starlight_Award


As you already know, the Rebel Legion is more than a fan club. It is a force for good in the world. We use our passion for Star Wars and our costumes to make a positive difference in our communities. We support various causes, such as children's hospitals, animal shelters, environmental organizations, and more! We spread joy and hope to those in need. We are the heroes of the galaxy.

But what does charity mean to us? Why do we do what we do? How does it benefit us and others? In my opinion, charity means three things to me as a Rebel Legion member: generosity, compassion, and gratitude.

Generosity means giving without expecting anything in return. We give our time, energy, skills, and resources to help others. We don't do it for fame, recognition, or reward. We do it because we care. We do it because we want to share our love of Star Wars with others. We do it because we believe in the iconic quote: "Rebellions are built on hope."

Compassion means empathizing with others and trying to understand their situation. We don't judge, criticize, or discriminate. Instead, we respect, appreciate, and celebrate diversity. We don't see ourselves as superior or inferior to anyone. We see ourselves as part of a larger community. We see ourselves as fellow human beings. We see ourselves as the light side of the Force.

Gratitude means appreciating what we have and what we can do and not taking anything for granted. We acknowledge the opportunities and privileges that we enjoy and simultaneously recognize the challenges and struggles that others face. We thank those who support and inspire us and we thank the Rebel Legion for providing us with a platform and a network to express our creativity and generosity.


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