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Ahsoka Tano, nicknamed Snips by her master, was a Togruta female from the planet Shili who trained as a Jedi apprentice during the Clone Wars, the conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Tano was assigned to Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker by Jedi Grand Master Yoda, and she demonstrated an eagerness to prove herself worthy to be his apprentice. Tano was involved in the defeat of the Separatist army on the planet Christophsis and was important to Republic efforts during the Battle of Teth. Along with Skywalker, Tano was instrumental in acquiring the Republic’s safe passage through Hutt Space, due to her part in rescuing the son of Jabba the Hutt, which ensured an alliance between the Republic and the Hutt clans.

(Source: Wookieepedia)


1. Headpiece:

Togruta lekku in white with blue unequal stripes as similar as possible to reference image, dark plum/ dark claret and silver colored diadem that reaches the cheekbones, the central diamond has to be of a slightly brighter silver. The lekku materials have to give a skin effect. They have to reach down the chest.

2. Gloves:

Gloves coverings the arms made of the same fabric and color as the dress , they have to reach quite high on the arms and be quite tight, they have to have a half circle opening onto the high part and an opening to place a thumb in the low part.

3. Dress:

Dark grey dress, elastic and tight cloth, small V rip on the neck that can’t be seen the end as it is covered from the armor. The cloth has to reach the neck and follow behind forming a collar. The opening of the sleeves has to show a large part of the shoulder. The front skirt has to have a U shape and be a little bit shorter behind.

4. Leggings:

Leggings or covering black or dark grey or dark brown socks

5. Underbelt:

Grey under belt lighter than the dress, with a chamois effect fabric. It has to be narrower in front below the navel more or less at the belt hole, and open as a wave onto the sides, then close behind slightly larger than in front.

6. Belt:

Skin black or dark brown belt or skin alike that closes in front, on both sides on a grey colored ring, hanging is another small belt piece part to which the armor is connected, at the back exactly in the center there has to be a rectangular part slightly bigger, from where a small segment is used to hang a part of the armor. There are 4 silver/grey buttons at the corners of the rectangle pieces in the back, 2 on the edges on the belt were it closes in front, and 1 on the piece were the armor hangs at the front.

7. Armour:

a) chest part: rounding shape that starts over the chest and reaches up to the end of the breastbone, large up to the beginning of the underarm. Dark plum /dark garnet color in the center, with a half centimeter silver edge, the gap between the two colors has to be interrupted by a groove in order to better show the depth. In the low part center there has to be a triangle with rounding angles of the same color as the piece with 2 “buttons”: the upper one smaller and light orange, the lower one bigger and yellow

b) forearm part and hands: silver color with dark plum/ dark garnet stripes on the side leaving from the hand part and continuing to the forearm. They are curving toward the outside at the end, they have to have a rounding shape similar to the one of your forearm. In the middle lifted and of the same color as the stripes, there is a long shape with round endings, over that there is 3 buttons: 2 smaller, yellow, close and 1 bigger and orange a little bit further away, this is on both the left and the right forearm. No connecting materials (straps) have to be visible from the armor pieces to the fabric. The hands parts have to be separated from the forearm ones by about 1 cm and continue the shape, the end is round. They have to cover the knuckles and cover over the junction of the pinkie. All parts have a white color worn effect

c) right and lefts side parts: sand color with silver edges, possibly separated by a groove that highlights the gap. They have to be connected to the under belt and have to cover the thigh in the width, they have to a little bit longer that the dress skirt. They have to have the geometric drawing, (not engraved) in light brown proportional to the piece. In the upper part, in the center, there is black lightsaber hanger with silver hook. The upper part that faces the front has a pointed shape while the part behind has a rounded shape

d) front part: connected to the belt, sand color with silver edges possibly separated by a groove that highlights the gap, geometric drawing light brown color. It has to reach a little bit below the end of the skirt and be proportional to the body and to sides parts

e) 3 rear parts: all 3 parts have to be sand color with silver edges, possibly separated by a groove that highlights a gap, only the central part has to hang down the belt and have the geometric drawing light brown, the shape has to be similar to a beer tankard and be separated by other two pieces on right and left about 1 cm, these have to continue the shape of the central part and cover proportionally the bottom, these 2 parts have to be connected to the dress skirt and have to be longer than that

f) Shin and calf parts: knee covering where the point has to reach the upper part of the knee, sand color same as the stripe that comes down up to half shoe, all the remaining part are of a silver color. The color separation line is engraved and the parts lines that reach behind the calf. There is a white worn effect. The shape has to follow your calf lines and be completely closed behind. Upper right and left have to have a bow shape and then close behind and join horizontally. Below on the sides they have to have a bow shape and join behind horizontally. There’s 2 elastic black stripes, 1 right and 1 left, that close below the sole and attach the shin armor to the shoes.

8. Shoes:

Silver color ankle boot, with small heel, sand color line that closes at half shoe and reaches the armor piece on the shin

9. Lightsaber:

2 white lightsabers, one longer and one shorter with silver hilts also these one longer and one shorter, no lightsabers toys, alternatively hilt similar to the ones of the character not working to hang to the costume.

10. Make-up:

Orange color skin with white drawings, covered eyebrows and dark brown lipstick.

OPTIONAL: Blue eyes/contact lenses (if able to wear)


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