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Advanced Recon Commandos, also known as Advanced Recon Clone troopers or simply ARC troopers—were an elite variant of clone trooper in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Although less numerous than the other clones, they were also among the most skilled soldiers in the galaxy.  

(Source: Wookiepedia)


NOTE: This clone wears Phase I (Episode II) armor with additional paint and accessories. Only those additional items are listed here.

1. Helmet

  • Colored command stripe around visor and down center of dome (Yellow=Commander / Red=Captain / Blue=Lieutenant / Moss Green=Sergeant)
  • Fett-style Range Finder on right side of helmet. Mounted in the ear, not to the outside. Stalk should be metal colored. Range finder should be black.

2. Armor

  •  Chest
  • Shoulders

Rank stripe down the center

  • (2) Upper Arms

Rank stripe on the outside of the bicep, located slightly more toward the front

  • (2) Elbows

Rank stripe on outer half of elbow plate

  • (2) Forearms

Raised left forearm includes metallic dart, 5 square yellow buttons on outer area and two buttons on inner area of forearm

Rank stripe on upper/outside

  • (2) Handplates

Entire plate painted with rank color

3. Pauldron

  • ARC style pauldron
  • Black with 4 panels over left shoulder painted to match rank color

4. Kama

  • Charcoal grey
  • Front/bottom corners should extend to bottom of knee plates
  • 2 triangular detail pieces at front/top
  • Matching rank color trim, 1 inch wide


1. Pistols and Holsters (Red ARC only)

  • One holster on each hip, hanging from the belt
  • Option A – 2 DC-17 Pistols
  • Option B – 2 ARC Trooper pistols

2. Pauldron Option (Red ARC only)

  • 2 or 3 black leather or leather-like ammo pouches hang from pauldron on right breast

3. Large Boba Fett-style belt pouches (Blue ARC only)

  • 2 pouches or boxes hanging from opposite sides of belt at hips
  • Pouches/boxes may be soft or rigid [/box]

4. Kama Option

  • 4 inch “V” cut in bottom/center
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