Chancellor Valorum (Senate Robes)

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Finis Valorum was a Human male who served as the Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, holding office from 40 BBY until Queen Padmé Amidala introduced a Vote of No Confidence against him in the Galactic Senate in 32 BBY (after being tricked into doing this by Senator Palpatine). He was subsequently replaced by Palpatine of Naboo.

After a decade of retirement, Valorum was murdered in a terrorist bombing on the Star of Iskin, orchestrated by the Sith Lord Darth Sidious.

Source: Wookieepedia


  1. [box]Dark warm brown shirt with long sleeves and a close-fitting, tall, pleated collar.[/box]
  2. [box]Floor-length cross placket coat of a vertically ribbed dark warm brown fabric with long tailored sleeves ending below the wrist.[/box]
  3. [box]Wide pleated obi of a teal blue velvet.[/box]
  4. [box]Floor-length draping robe of a teal blue/rust shot textured velvet or velvet-like fabric with large bell sleeves that are gathered to cuffs at the wrists. It also has very large, wide-shouldered scalloped lapels trimmed in dark red taffeta or taffeta-like cord. The robe is lined in iridescent blue/purple fabric (cross-dyed shot taffeta preferred).[/box]
  5. [box]Warm brown or navy tailored pants.[/box]
  6. [box]Dark brown or black tailored knee-high boots or dress shoes.[/box]
  7. [box]Hair must be shorn above the collar; naturally occurring hair colors only.[/box]


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