Clone Commander, Bly (Animated)

ALL, Clone Troopers, The Clone Wars

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CC-5052 was a clone marshal commander who served both the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire that followed. A clone of Jango Fett, CC-5052 was bred on Kamino, where he was trained as an Advanced Recon Commando by Alpha-17. Alpha-17 also gave CC-5052 the name “Bly,” which the clone commander himself adopted. Assigned to the 327th Star Corps, Bly worked with Jedi General Aayla Secura throughout the Clone Wars. Serving in campaigns on planets such as Quell, Maridun, Alzoc III, Florrum, and New Holstice, Bly worked with Secura to personally extract a valuable Scientific Instrument Package from Honoghr. During the mission, Bly encountered renegade Jedi Quinlan Vos, whom he deeply mistrusted. Shortly after the Honoghr mission, Bly and Secura served alongside the reformed Vos in the Siege of Saleucami.

Source: Wookipedia


[box]1. Black Undersuit

  • One or two piece black undersuit. Commonly used components include sports compression wear, warm-up suits, dance unitards, or diveskins. Undersuit must be smooth in appearance or with vertical ribbing with no labels or logos visible once the armor is on.[/box]

[box]2. Black Gloves

  • Black over the wrist gloves made of leather, nylon, or other low pile fabrics. Gloves must not show any labels or logos once the armor is on and cover any exposed skin.[/box]

[box]3. Neck Seal

  • Neck seal to be black in color with vertical ribbing or being smooth in appearance. No logos or labels are to be visible. If the seal is not incorporated as part of the undersuit, a balaclava or other similar covering is acceptable.[/box]

[box]4. Helmet

  • The Clone Wars animated style clone helmet – Fanmade bucket. Some “name brand” helmets may be unacceptable.
  • Helmet Fin on dome painted Golden Yellow.
  • Golden Yellow stripe down center, tapering slightly toward the “chin” and upwards just past the helmet fin.
  • Primer grey rear detail
  • Macro binoculars (animated style) mounted to “ear” area.
  • Smoked/black visor over entire opening on face of helmet
  • 4 black vents on each side of helmet.

NOTE: Episode II style helmets are not acceptable[/box]

[box]5. Armor

  •  Chest – Chest and back plate should match together at the sides with no gap, just a seam line. Golden Yellow strip down center.
  •  Back – Chest and back plate should match together at the sides with no gap, just a seam line.
  •  Shoulders – Golden Yellow stripes centered on shoulders
  •  Shoulder Straps – Correct shape with ridges. Golden Yellow stripes
  •  Upper Arms – Front/back pieces are seamless. Golden Yellow stripes
  •  Forearms – Front/back pieces are seamless. Golden Yellow stripes on Forearm
  •  Handplates – Golden Yellow stripes
  •  AB plate
  •  Kidney/Lower Back Piece
  •  Butt Plate
  •  Cod piece
  •  Upper thighs – Front/back pieces are seamless. Golden Yellow in color w/ Sandy Brown strip down the center
  •  Lower Legs – Sandy Brown stripes on knees
  •  Compad on left forearm[/box]

[box]6. Clone Trooper boots

  • White shoes with white soles
  • Strap across top of foot with circular detail pieces at each end
  • Proper toe detail
  • No laces or logos
  • 2 Golden Yellow stripes. One on the boot strap (but not the circular detail) and one just below the strap[/box]

[box]7. Belt

  • The Clone Wars style belt
  • Segmented (or segmented-look) belt
  • One large belt box, opposite each other, on hips
  • Thermal detonator centered on rear of belt[/box]

[box]8. Kama

  • Heavy weight fabric, leather, or leather-like material, dark brown, with gold trim
  • Length should be to the bottom of the thigh armor
  • Split up the back all the way to the belt
  • Spacing in the front should place the edges of the kama at roughly the outside corners of the bottom of the codpiece[/box]

[box]9. Holsters and pistols

  • One holster on each hip, hanging from either the belt or attached to the kama.
  • 2 DC-17 Pistols (see photo reference)

NOTE: Animated pistols and holsters are larger than the realistic props.[/box] [box] 10. Pauldron (black, with sierra detail pieces on shoulder plate)

  • Front/center of pauldron meets the intersection of breast details on chest plate
  • Back of pauldron extends to bottom of back plate detail
  • Shoulder plate is no longer than helmet is wide[/box]


Elements listed as acceptable here may not be traditionally associated with a costume, but are not so unreasonable as to detract from it. Please keep in mind that the following items may not be allowed at certain canon/high profile appearances.

  1. DC-15 Short
  2. DC15 Long Rifle
  3. minigun
  4. rocket launcher[/box]

Other weapons used by clones in The Clone Wars are acceptable.

Weathering – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Color should be heavy on the greys, with little/no browns