Clone Trooper, Galactic Marine

ALL, Clone Troopers, Episode III (ROTS)

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The Galactic Marines, originally known as the 21st Nova Corps of the 4th Sector Army, was an elite unit that was created as the Grand Army of the Republic diversified during the Clone Wars. Following the formation of the Galactic Empire in 19 BBY, they became known as Imperial Galactic Marines.

Source: Wookiepedia


[box] 1. Undersuit

  • The trousers are a grey and have a cod insert on the front. One rectangular cargo pocket with flap centered on the front of each thigh.
  • Upper portion of undersuit may be black or dark grey [/box]
[box]2. Black Gloves

  • Black over the wrist gloves made of leather, nylon, or other low pile fabrics. Gloves must not show any labels or logos once the armor is on and cover any exposed skin. [/box]
[box]3. Helmet

  • GM Clone Style Helmet – Fanmade helmet
  • Black or Green Visor -Welding Shield above grade 5. Lenses may be flat or bubble, either is acceptable
  • White Cowl [/box]
[box]4. Armor

  • Chest – Specific shape to the GM to include 3 greeblies on front/lower area of chest plate
  • Back – Specific shape/size to match the GM chest or regular movie style clone armor
  • Shoulders – Specific shape to the GM, each shoulder is different shape
  • Upper Arms – Seamless regular clone armor
  • Forearms – Seamless regular clone armor
  • Elbows – 2 detail slots on the outside area of both elbow pieces regular clone armor
  • Elbow – Straps regular clone elbow straps, white in color
  • Handplates – Regular clone armor
  • Knees – Specific to the GM
  • Knee Straps – Regular clone knee straps, white in color
  • Lower shin/calf – Specific to a GM to include 2 sets of white straps with clip greeblies each
  • Boot Armor Plates


  • All armor should be weathered. Black wash is an example of an acceptable weathering technique.
  • Exposed rivets are not acceptable.[/box]
[box]5. Belt

  • Belt has 2 large and 2 small pouches accompanied by 2 buckle-looking greeblies on the front and a kama buckle in the front/center
  • Top of belt should be mounted just below the chest/back plates with little or no gap visible [/box]
[box]6. Boots

  • Must be white leather or leather-like with the sole pattern to match as closely as possible to the movie costume.
  • Most identifiable features include a high arch pattern on the inside of the sole, four profile “swoops” between the sole and leather.
  • Snaps on both side of heel upper to secure the boot armor is suggested. [/box]
[box]7. Kama

  • Color should closely match that of armor
  • Length starts just under belt down to top of shin armor / Width is larger at the top than the bottom
  • 4″ split at back/bottom/center
  • 2 white straps connect to belt via kama buckle [/box]
[box]8. Ammo Boxes

  • 3 white ammo boxes and one grey clip greeblie attached to a grey strap on right side of chest
  • 2 smaller white ammo boxes are attached to the right bicep on a white strap. [/box]
[box]9. Backpack

  • Consists of a main shell and two side shells over a base mounted to the back armor. Also has a detonator type attachment underneath with 4 pouches below that and assorted greebles to the side of the backpack. [/box]
[box]10. Pauldron[/box]


These costume elements are in addition to the required list of costume parts and are optional. This list provides costuming options that increase the level of accuracy of the costume and give a costumer ideas to consider for improvement.

  • Chest and back plate should match together at the sides giving it a united appearance
  • Limit or eliminate the use of metallic silver weathering [/box]

Elements listed as acceptable here may not be traditionally associated with a costume, but are not so unreasonable as to detract from it. Please keep in mind that the following items may not be allowed at certain canon/high profile appearances.

  • DC15 Short Rifle – Troopers with white kama trim
  • DC15 Long Rifle
  • Kama trim color [/box]