Duchess Satine Kryze (The Clone Wars) Ceremonial Gown

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Duchess Satine Kryze was the pacifistic leader of the New Mandalorians and the planet Mandalore during the Clone Wars. (Source Wookieepedia)


[box]1. Headdress:

a. Royal Blue Lyre Shaped Outer Sides: Royal blue patterned fabric (to match over dress). Covered, flat, lyre shaped pieces with curls at top points, angled backward on each side and conjoined under chin.

b. Forest Green Trapezoid on Top of Head Between Lyres Shaped Pieces:

Forest green moiré fabric covered (or painted to look like moiré). Curved slightly back at outer edges.

c. Brick Red Chair Shaped Piece Centered Within Green Trapezoid:

Main horizontal part fits curve at top of head, attached to purple headband. Back part with jewels embedded in it. Patterned disk part fits the curve of forehead with center jewel on upper half of disk.

d. Deep Rich Purple Headband: Deep rich purple moiré fabric. Headband fits snugly to head. Perpendicular strip extending backward ending in a shield shape at back of head. Six white ribbons folded in half attached by rivets to lower edge of shield shape.

e. Jewels: Opalescent white/blue/purple jewels on topper, forehead disk, earrings and throat brooch. Matching jewels on belt and at sleeve tips.

f. Horn Shaped Earrings: Made of same substance as the jewels having half sphere shapes at the top. Hanging from purple cords attached to headband.

g. White Hair Lilies: Six lilies on each side of head in graduating sizes from small to large. Each has a center stamen. Made to look like they are woven/sewn into the hair.[/box] [box]2. Hair:

Short (not touching shoulders), no bangs, blunt cut, slicked back and loose. Natural hair colors only. Blond hair recommended. If a wig is used, it must be high quality and appear like real hair.[/box] [box]3. Dress:

a. Deep Rich Purple Inner Layer: Shirt/Dickey with standing collar, long sleeves. Wrapped purple moiré (same as for headband) bracers ending in circle shape at back of hand.

b. Forest Green Underdress: Forest green matte fabric (no shine), preferably tropical weight wool. Dress is full length. Open in front from neck to waist. Four knee-high slits spaced evenly on side fronts and side backs. Hem has white embroidery.

c. Almost to the elbow length sleeves with large petal shaped open cuffs. Petal cuff tip length extends just to wrist. Brick red color inverted tear drop with jewel at inner tip.

d. Royal Blue Overdress: Royal Blue patterned fabric. Dress is open down the front. Free hanging, shield shape, shawl type upper back. Point of shield shape to touch bottom edge of belt.

e. Three paneled skirt. Panels are petal shaped with blunt end instead of sharp tip. Over layer appliqué of long petal shapes, tacked to panels, with three petals on side fronts, five petals on back. The two front panels need a rigid substructure to make a tulip shape. Light blue patterned fabric petals framing either front edge with five jewels on each, ending in tassels at tips.[/box] [box]4. Belt:

Dark brown color, very wide belt extending from the under bust to hips. Preferably boned and supportive like a corset. Top and bottom edges come to a point in the center front. Top and bottom have brick red piping along edges. Brick red inverted tear drop shape, patterned, decorative motif on center front. Inverted tear drop shaped jewel at lower point. Seven golf-T shaped jewels at upper edge. Brick red piping on lower part of belt surrounding the belt.[/box] [box]5. Shoes:

Black or dark blue shoes or boots with a low to medium heel.[/box] [box]OPTIONAL ITEMS:

a. Blue contact lenses.

b. Illuminated jewels.

c. Droid deactivator.[/box]


    Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 2 episodes 12-15, Season 3 episodes 5-6, 11

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Standard reviewed by the Costume Standards Committee: 27 March 2017

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