Finn (Episode VIl)

Finn (Episode VII)

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Finn was a human male who served as a First Order stormtrooper, designation FN-2187 and known to his fellow soldiers as Eight-Seven. He was considered one of the group’s best stormtroopers before he deserted to join the Resistance in their struggle against the First Order.

(Source: Wookieepedia)

Finn (Episode VIl)Finn (Episode VIl)


1. Jacket:

Heavily weathered Military khaki/dark carmel colored leather or leatherlike jacket with details as follows:

a. Pleated section that goes from collar to bottom of sleeve approx 1/4 of the sleeve width, box pleats are about 1/4″ wide. Front edge of pleated section aligns with shoulder seam. There is a topstitched section same width as pleated section that runs length of sleeve on the front side of sleeve with back edge the start of the pleated section.

b. Back of sleeve has stitched rectangle covering the elbow area, same fabric as jacket.

c. Barn Red half yoke on right side of jacket front made of leather or leatherlike material, same color stripe on left side made of webbing material. Yoke is divided into 7 equal sections made by vertical stitched lines with thread that matches color of the jacket.

d. Back yoke of jacket is divided into 14 equal sections made by vertical stitched lines.

e. 3 web material loops on bottom left pocket, and two on cuffs of sleeves to hold leather strap in place.

f. Leather straps on jacket cuffs have rectangle buckles

g. Jacket has a stitched belt at back waist same material and color as jacket. Belt is loose in front and ends are sewn into front bottom pockets.

h. Two top pockets. Pocket on left has gray/black weathered bronze colored rectangle greeblie. Bottom pockets have slanted top and circle opening in pocket center of left pocket. Top of left pocket has a double web strap that hangs loosely and is stitched to top sides of pocket.

i. There is a pleated section that covers the left front of the jacket with a gray/black weathered bronze colored clip buckle about halfway down.

j. Jacket length is below the hips and above the top pocket on the pants leg

2. Shirt:

Athletic styled black long sleeve shirt, round neckline. Shirt is worn untucked and hem is just below waistline but above hips.

3. Pants:

Black denim cargo pants with flat pockets on front thighs. No visible buttons or zippers. Pant legs are tapered and close fitting and end at top of heel of boot. Pants are weathered with a light colored dust on front legs.

4. Boots:

First order white Stormtrooper boots or high top dirty white boots with five sections on front top. No visible closures. Shoes are heavily weathered. Boots may end just above the ankle as long as socks or skin is not visible when sitting.


1. Lukes ANH or ESB saber – may not be in action shot

2. EL-16 blaster rifle


  1. Supporter forum ref pics
  2. Stardancer’s ref pics
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Standard written by Author: Stardancer1914

Standard reviewed by the Costume Standards Committee 15 November 2016

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