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Gungi was a male Wookiee Jedi youngling who was training to become a Jedi in the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars. (Source Wookieepedia)



5’6″ Maximum in costume as Gungi stands at 5’1”. Under 5’6″ is preferred but not required.


Complete hair suit using natural or synthetic fibers. Hair should be a blonde/strawberry blonde mix. Hair should average at least 6 inches or longer. Complete coverage is required; no bald spots or exposed skin/undersuit.

Faux fur is not allowed, as it is not long enough. No yarn or shag carpet Wookiees. The Rubies Supreme Edition Chewbacca suit is NOT acceptable even with modification. The quality of these materials is inferior to what can be achieved with latch hooking or National Fiber Technology, or other methods. The hair must maintain a consistent quality/type throughout the suit.


Dark brown gloves matching the feet should be worn. There should be enough overlap between the gloves and the wrists of the hair suit that no skin is exposed. Gloves may be made of leather, vinyl, cloth, or rubber, but MUST be realistic. Claws/nails are required.


Feet must be completely covered with hair except for the bottom and the toes. Claws may be sharp or squared off.


The mask must completely cover the head and neck, without completely obscuring the shape of the shoulders. The eyes, a smooth black nose, and a large jaw/muzzle should all be clearly visible. A slight mustache like feature should be present as well. The overall shape should be rounded and more youthful than an adult Wookiee.

The mask hair should be smooth and well groomed, not bushy, so that the mask’s shape and structure are clear. There should be lighter blonde markings on the chin and around the eyes. There should also be a darker brown “Mohawk” feature from just above the nose to the back of the head. These should all be well blended. Gungi’s lower left canine should be oversized and protrude above his upper lip.

Static masks should not be frozen in a fully opened position. All static mouths should be closed.

Although a functioning jaw and/or lip snarl is not required, the skin and lips of any mechanical masks should appear as one piece, rather than a separated jaw and face. This refers only to the mask’s outward appearance, not the underskull. Costumers should be aware that mechanical jaws and lips are complex projects requiring purpose-built components using special materials. They cannot simply be added to an existing latex rubber mask. Consult the costuming resources and fellow Wookiee costumers for advice on this project.

Eye makeup (shades of black or brown) must be worn around the eyes and completely cover any exposed skin.


A dark brown leather or faux leather bandolier with ½” grey border is required and is worn over the left shoulder. This bandolier also has a decorative grey/silver accent over the heart (please see reference photos).

A red cloth obi should be worn around the waist. Dark brown belt with silver, rectangular buckle and covertec clip should fit over the red obi. A dark brown leather or faux leather armband with rectangular, silver accent piece should be worn on the right bicep. And Gungi’s wooden lightsaber hilt with silver accents and green blade is required.


Standard written by Author:
Standard reviewed by the Costume Standards Committee: 17 May 2017

PLEASE NOTE: The costume standards are a guide, yet are not an all inclusive outline of required elements. The judges will be looking for quality of workmanship, accurate execution and use of materials in addition to these general standards check lists. If you have a question about fabrics, colours, and parts choices for your build please contact the Detachment Officer for your category about parts/materials you are considering before you start your build, or post a ‘Work in Progress’ (WIP) thread on the forum. (LCJ listing here)

Author: Suzi Jedi

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