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Guri was a Human replica droid, designed to be an almost perfect replica of a Human female, and the only one of her kind engineered as an assassin. She was created around 7 BBY by the Imperial researchers Simonelle and Massad Thrumble for Prince Xizor, head of the Black Sun crime syndicate. After being sold to Xizor for nine million credits, Guri served as his lieutenant and was one of the few individuals the necessarily paranoid crime lord believed he could trust. Xizor left Guri to attend to much of the day to day running of Black Sun and many incorrectly assumed that she was the leader of the syndicate. Guri also served as an assassin, eliminating several of Xizor’s enemies, including Imperial Advisor Fendrilon Koozar, the Ubese bounty hunter Boushh and the leaders of the rival company Ororo Transportation.

Source: Wookiepedia.



1. The long-sleeved dress should be made of blue material with a yellow choker style collar.
2. The right sleeve of this dress has two narrow yellow stripes sewn around the mid forearm at an obtuse 135 degree angle that extends from the outer to inner aspect of the arm and encircles it.

The right sleeve has a slightly larger narrow yellow stripe that encircles the bicep area.

3. The left sleeve has a thick band that encircles the bicep area. The left forarm has a bracer style yellow band that extends from the elbow to wrist. *Note, there are many different picture variations to the left sleeve.*The bracer may be connected to the bicep band by a sewn yellow length of material on the back part of the upper arm.
4. The front skirt panel should be approximately 20cm wide and should reach to the ankles. The fabric should be slightly gathered, producing folds down the length of the panel.
The back skirt panel must also be ankle length and gathered as well.[/box] [box]Yellow Bodysuit/Vest:
1. The bodysuit/vest is form-fitting and covers the entire torso front and back.
2. The neckline is deep V Shape.
3. The front bottom edge comes down in a V shape also, while the back may be rounded or may echo the pointed design on the front.
4. The zipper should be concealed in the back seam.[/box]


*Note there are many picture variations to the gloves. The following are exceptable:
1. Gloves on both hands may be regular size with or without fingers.
2. Right glove may mid foream at an obtuse 135 degree angle to complement yellow stripes on right forearm and may be with or without fingers.[/box] [box]Footwear/Boots:

1. The “boots” appear to be black T-Strap dance style high heeled shoes paired with yellow shin guards.
2. The shin guards have a border pattern that appears thicker than the rest of the guards.[/box] [box]Hair Style:

1. Long hair slightly layered from shoulders to midback.[/box]


[box]1. Ankle length blue cape in the same shade as the dress with large yellow collar and blue hood.[/box]