Han Solo (TFA)

ALL, Episode VII (TFA), Fringe

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Han Solo was a human male smuggler who became a leader in the Alliance to Restore the Republic and an instrumental figure in the defeat of the Galactic Empire during the Galactic Civil War.

(Source: Wookieepedia)


[box] 1. Jacket:

Brown to dark brown leather jacket. Jacket should have accurate front flap with square stitching details. Left front side of the jacket should include a three-part pocket with accurate code cylinders on the upper left breast. A second square shaped pocket should be on the lower left side. Right side should include a square pocket on the upper breast with two long rectangular pockets on the lower right. Jacket should have a yoke between the shoulders in the back and reinforced patches added to the elbows.[/box] [box]2. Shirt:

Shirt-Cream or grayish-beige colored long-sleeve shirt with a mandarin collar and deep placket front. Placket should extend to wearer’s mid-chest, and must terminate with an accurate “Boxed X” stitching design.[/box] [box]3. Pants:

Dark Olive Brown or Chocolate Brown pocket less pants with pintucks down the front of each leg. Pants should have characteristic wide belt loops at the waist.[/box] [box]4. Belt:

Plain, Brown Leather Belt with a square, steel buckle.[/box] [box]5. Gunbelt:

Accurate leather gun-belt and buckles with capped holster, correct pouches and tools. There should be no retention strap on the holster and the leg strap should close using a single stud and square ring at the inner thigh.[/box] [box] 6. Boots:

Plain, knee-high, brown leather boots with no zippers or laces.[/box] [box] 7. Blaster:

Accurate DL-44 blaster (A New Hope/The Force Awakens version), unless local laws prohibit or strongly discourage carrying anything that looks like a firearm.[/box] [box] 8. Hairstyle:

Natural hair in a similar style/length as the original character (no buzzcuts, beards, etc).[/box]


[box]1. No visible zipper on the boots.

2. Silver-grey hair color[/box]


  1. Fringe detachment (Han Solo area)

Standard written by Author: Fringe detachment members/LCJs

Standard reviewed by the Costume Standards Committee 17 November 2016

PLEASE NOTE: The costume standards are a guide, yet are not an all inclusive outline of required elements. The judges will be looking for quality of workmanship, accurate execution and use of materials in addition to these general standards check lists. If you have a question about fabrics, colours, and parts choices for your build please contact the Detachment Officer for your category about parts/materials you are considering before you start your build, or post a ‘Work in Progress’ (WIP) thread on the forum. (LCJ listing here)