Handmaiden (Flame Gown)

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The Naboo Royal Handmaidens are a group of young women handpicked to aid the Queen of Naboo. On the surface, it appears as if the handmaidens only assist with the Queen’s gowns, hairstyles, and makeup. However, they are all trained in self-defense and remain vigilant against any threats to their sovereign. In fact, during times of turmoil, a handmaiden actually poses as the Queen. The Naboo Royal Handmaidens have been selected for their various talents as well as for their resemblance to the Queen, which is useful if a decoy is required. After being invited to join the Queen’s entourage, each handmaiden was trained in self defense and marksmanship. They often carry small, concealable blasters. Star Wars Databank




Required Details:

  1. Floor-length ombré-dyed gown made of velvet (no panne velvet), silk velvet preferred.
  2. Gown has large pointed sleeves with a large arm slit that starts just above the elbow. The bottom point of the sleeves hangs to knee length or just above the knees.
  3. Gown has a shoulder-width hooded tabard that extends to the bottom hem of the dress in the front and back.
  4. The gown, tabard, and sleeves are ombré-dyed from a dark/burnt orange at the hood and shoulders to a pale/soft yellow at the bottom edge of the gown.
  5. Hood and sleeves are lined in matching fabric (silk recommended).

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[/box] [box]Balaclava Hood


Required Details:

  1. Fitted balaclava made of a red matte (low-shine) fabric (charmeuse or similar silk recommended).
  2. Balaclava has a wide, curved brim that sticks out below the velvet outer hood.
  3. Balaclava has a high collar that covers the entire neck.
  4. No hair, bangs/fringe, mustaches, or beards are visible on the face.

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[/box] [box]Undershirt


Required Details:

  1. Red undershirt made of the same matte (low-shine) fabric as the balaclava (charmeuse or similar silk recommended).
  2. Shirt has fitted sleeves that extend approximately to the base of the thumb.
  3. Sleeves have detailed red lace (or similar) appliqué on top of each forearm that extends from the wrist to between halfway up the forearm and just below the elbow.

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[/box] [box]Sash


Required Details:

  1. Large waist sash made of the same red matte (low-shine) fabric as the undershirt and hood (charmeuse or similar silk recommended).
  2. Sash is gathered or loosely pleated in the front and widens at the back to nearly or completely cover the hips and rear (3-4 loose pleats or folds recommended).
  3. Sash crosses over itself asymmetrically in the front, right over left, so that the ends tucks into the top edge of the sash at the waistline, creating a ^ shape over the lower skirt and tabard.

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[/box] [box]Shoes


Required Details:

  1. Low-heeled coordinating tailored pumps or flats (light yellow, golden yellow, or cream color recommended).


  1. Shoes are covered in silk or satin.
  2. Shoes have a square toe.
  3. Heel is the same width as the shoe.

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