Lyra Erso

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Lyra Erso was the human female wife of the scientist Galen Erso. During the Clone Wars, Galen was arrested while researching Kyber crystals on Vallt and charged with espionage by Confederate loyalists. While in confinement, Lyra gave birth to their daughter, Jyn. The three were rescued by Lieutenant Commander Orson Krennic, an old friend of her husband and a member of Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine’s top secret Death Star project. (Source Wookieepedia)


[box]1. Top:

Black turtle neck undershirt or dickie – collar should be wider than 1” (2.5 cm), sleeves are optional as they are not seen.[/box] [box]2. Tunic:

Khaki/tan colored tunic, crossing from right at top to left at bottom, no visible fasteners. Sleeves are optional as they are not seen. Tunic and underskirt may be made as one piece or separate pieces.[/box] [box]3. Cardigan style coat:

Dark grayish-brown textured cloth, collarless, long-sleeved cardigan style coat with no buttons or other fasteners. Fabric has a crinkled look to it on the sleeves. Back of jacket has no center seams or yoke. Jacket falls approximately 6 to 8 inches (15-20 cm) below the Underskirt.[/box] [box]4. Trousers:

Dark brown leggings or close fitting pants – no visible pockets or zippers. Pants hem is just above ankle and are tucked into boot with some blousing at the top to hide top of boot.[/box] [box]5. Underskirt:

Color matches the Tunic Skirt. May be made separate or as a one piece with Tunic. Skirt has raised horizontal lines or pleats in the front – approximately 16 are visible. Skirt ends just above the knee.[/box] [box]6. Overskirt:

Deep red/burgundy wrap overskirt that overlaps right over left making a triangle in front that exposes the underskirt. Cloth has a rough linen like texture. Skirt is about as long as the jacket.[/box] [box]7. Matching Obi/Waistband:

Approximately 4 inches (10 cm) wide bottom, sits on waist. This can be made as a separate piece or as the waistband to hold the overskirt closed. Fastens or ties in the back.[/box] [box]8. Boots:

Similar in texture to Rey’s Jakku boots. High Top or mid calf dark brown boots with dirty cream/tan soles; no visible ties or closures. Skin must not be exposed. There are dark brown cloth or leather like wraps that cross twice over the leg part of the boot. At least one crossover of wraps must be seen.[/box] [box]9. Belt:

Oversized, weathered brown leather or leather like belt with brass circular buckle. Buckle is center front. Belt is worn slightly below the waist with a drop on the right to the hip. Drop in belt is caused by weight of comlink. If non leather materials are used, they must still look like worn leather.[/box] [box]10. Hair:

Long, messy bangs parted in the middle with layers framing the face, approximately chin length to shoulder length. Back of hair is gathered into a braid that is tied at nape of neck and then hangs in a loose ponytail below the tie. Hair in back is below the shoulder blades in length. Dark Brown is preferred but natural hair color is ok for approval.[/box] [box]11. Props:

Silver, grey and red comlink datapad on the belt. rectangle in shape and should be proportional to the wearer. Comlink hangs on right side of belt causing belt to droop to the hip. See reference photos for details.[/box] [box]12. Weathering:

All items are weathered.[/box]


[box]Kyber Crystal necklace: Clear Crystal with “Trust in the Force” written on it in Aurebesh and dark brown leather cord. (The same as Jyn Erso’s).

Biker scout blaster.[/box]


  1. Reference gallery
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  3. UCGR forum

Standard written by Author: keelysiri and Stardancer1914
Standard reviewed by the Costume Standards Committee: 30 August 2017

PLEASE NOTE: The costume standards are a guide, yet are not an all inclusive outline of required elements. The judges will be looking for quality of workmanship, accurate execution and use of materials in addition to these general standards check lists. If you have a question about fabrics, colours, and parts choices for your build please contact the Detachment Officer for your category about parts/materials you are considering before you start your build, or post a ‘Work in Progress’ (WIP) thread on the forum. (LCJ listing here)