Padmé Amidala (Black Fireside Corset Gown)


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Padmé Naberrie of Naboo was the younger daughter of Ruwee and Jobal Naberrie, and the sister of Sola Naberrie. Later in her life, Amidala became the secret wife of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and the mother of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo, two of the most important figures in Galactic history. She was also the grandmother of Jaina, Jacen and Anakin Solo, as well as Ben Skywalker. This relationship made her great-grandmother of Allana Solo, Jacen Solo’s daughter, and an ancestor of Nat, Kol, Cade Skywalker, and Ania Solo.

Amidala was the democratically elected Queen of Naboo before representing the Chommell sector as a Senator in the Galactic Senate. As Queen of Naboo, Amidala fought bravely to liberate her people during the Trade Federation’s invasion in 32 BBY, thus becoming one of the most respected political figures in the galaxy. In 22 BBY, following the Military Creation Act, Anakin Skywalker was assigned to protect her, and following the Battle of Geonosis, the two secretly married on Naboo after the pair fell in love.

Source: Wookipedia


1. Fitted boned corset/bustier in black leather or faux leather with a hidden center front closure. The corset should have structure and not be limp. No patent leather.

2. Opera-length fitted fingerless gauntlets in black leather or faux leather. No patent leather.

3. Fitted floor-length fishtail skirt with a moderate train of a black abstract geometric lace design (fan motif preferred) over a silver gray lining. The skirt should have some structure and not be limp.

4. Wide choker of black velvet trimmed with strands of black jet beads. A large medallion of beads is applied to the center front in a rosette-like design with many lengths of black velvet cord and strands of black jet beads reaching nearly to the hem down the center front.

5. Low heeled coordinating tailored pumps or flats.

6. Hair is parted in the center and gently twisted into a long thick braid at the nape of the neck with narrow coils of hair twisted along the length of the braid. Naturally occurring hair colors only; no bangs.

7. Double-row headband of narrow, thin silver metal strips worn over the forehead to disappear into the hair.


  1. Dense, full, elbow-length, off-the-shoulder capelette of black feathers trimmed in narrow black leather or faux leather binding and closed at the top center front. The back of the capelette should sweep down to extend below the waist.



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