Queen Amidala (Senate Gown)

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Padmé Naberrie of Naboo was the younger daughter of Ruwee and Jobal Naberrie, and the sister of Sola Naberrie. Later in her life, Amidala became the secret wife of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and the mother of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa Solo, two of the most important figures in Galactic history. She was also the grandmother of Jaina, Jacen and Anakin Solo, as well as Ben Skywalker. This relationship made her great-grandmother of Allana Solo, Jacen Solo’s daughter, and an ancestor of Nat, Kol, Cade Skywalker, and Ania Solo.

Amidala was the democratically elected Queen of Naboo before representing the Chommell sector as a Senator in the Galactic Senate. As Queen of Naboo, Amidala fought bravely to liberate her people during the Trade Federation’s invasion in 32 BBY, thus becoming one of the most respected political figures in the galaxy. In 22 BBY, following the Military Creation Act, Anakin Skywalker was assigned to protect her, and following the Battle of Geonosis, the two secretly married on Naboo after the pair fell in love.

Source: Wookipedia


[box]1. A-line, floor-length gown of two layers of a finely pleated iridescent orange/gold silk or silk-like fabric with a defined yoke, a tall mandarin collar and fitted sleeves that end in a very sharp V point at the knuckles. The collar, yoke and lower sleeves are covered in a layer of golden yellow fine mesh netting that is encrusted and edged in gold seed and short bugle beads, most particularly in the large beaded lace appliqué descending from the collar over the bust with several strands of multi-length beads streaming from the center and bottom of the appliqué.[/box] [box]2. Full robe with wide, long gathered sleeves in a red velvet or velveteen. No panne velvet. The majority of the velvet is stamped or appliquéd with red sparkling Macintosh-like roses in various sizes. The robe has a defined yoke and a knee-high quarter circle at each front hem where the fabric is gathered and crushed tightly for a highly-textured effect; the quarter circles are edged in very thick, wide golden yellow satin braid. The center front and sleeve edges are trimmed in a wide band of orange/gold silk or silk-like fabric with thick quilted cord beneath in a vermicelli pattern using gold metallic thread.[/box] [box]3. Low-heeled coordinating tailored pumps or flats.[/box] [box]4. Hair is pulled back and secured in a ponytail at the crown of the head; the tail is folded to shorten it and is secured with ornate gold metallic bouillon lace at three points. The headdress is made up of a pair of thick hair “horns” that end several inches about the shoulders, wrapped in bands and pentagonal caps of gold decorative filigree with red and turquoise sequins. Descending from the ends of the horns are two narrow cylinders wrapped in red fabric embroidered or finely painted in a gold design, with gold filigree rectangular motifs and capped on both ends with gold filigreed pointed cupolas. The center of the horns bears a large round gold disc with an asymmetrical hole, topped with another gold filigreed pointed cupola. The horns are secured to a gold filigreed half skull cap with a defined cut out at the hairline and a contoured point sweeping down the forehead with a Naboo symbol at the center. Attached at the temples are long streams of very thin, delicate gold chains descending from filigree rosettes studded in ruby and turquoise sequins.[/box] [box]5. White make-up on the face, neck and hands (must not be splotchy or uneven). A red upper lip and a white lower lip with a red strip down the center, with a red dot on each cheek centered beneath each eye.[/box]


  1. Full-length overrobe of a very dark brown or black short-pile fur with tall, bulbous, sculpted shoulders, lined in red matte silk or silk-like fabric.[/box]


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