Sabine Wren (Series 3, Action gear/Heavy armour)

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Sabine Wren was a Mandalorian Human female weapons expert who was active during the reign of Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine around five years before the Battle of Yavin. She was also a graffiti artist who customized her armor and tagged a new symbol every time the crew of the Ghost struck Imperial targets.

Source: Wookieepedia


[box]1. SOFT PARTS

a. Shirt

The shirt is a long sleeve black and grey shirt. The front of the outer shirt has a grey panel approximately half the width of the observable waist line when viewed front on, narrowing slightly before expanding into a “Y” type shape before it extends beneath the armor. The rear of the shirt has a grey panel that frames the “black” of the shirt to form a ” rounded mountain” shape. The black mountain shape cannot be too” flat” but should have similar height as it is wide. Please refer to reference shots. The sleeves are long and have the appearance of a short sleeve shirt over a longer sleeve. The long sleeve will have a grey panel matching that of the front of the shirt under the arm. The panel is approximately 2” wide and will begin at the wrist and end before the armhole of the shirt at the height of the grey panel in front. Fabric used needs to be stretch material or tightly fitted.

b. Pants

The pants are also of stretch material and tightly fitted around the thighs. They consist of a khaki or muddy brown color with lighter inner panels extending from inner mid-thigh to the waist line, front and back. The lighter inner panels need to have a slight curve to the vertical-to-horizontal transition. That “corner” is slightly rounded, not squared off in both front and back The color of the inner panel is a slightly lighter version of the main pant color. The contrast should not be vivid or extreme between the panel and the main pant color. The lighter inner panel should be the same width as the grey panel of the shirt and appear to line up with the top panel. Pants sit at or slightly above the hips.[/box] [box]2. BELTS & ACCESSORIES

a. Lower Belt

The lower belt is her original from season 1. It sits on the hips below the waist. It fully covers where the pant and shirt meet. It is brown leather or leather like and joins in the front via a rectangular silver buckle the same width as the belt. The buckle may be of alternate material as long as it is painted to give the appearance of metal. The buckle has a narrow rectangle shape etched into the upper section. Marking this with other methods is acceptable if the appearance is accurate.

b. Pouch Belt

This is the same belt from Season 2. The second belt sits on top of the first belt and is approximately 1.5 times as wide. It has a darker line running the length of the belt down from the top edge and an identical marking above the lower edge, also running the length of the belt. The buckle is slightly larger than the actual belt and is adorned with a parallelogram shape etching.

c. Pouch Belt Accessories

The first, are two large pouches worn on either hip. They are 2.5 – 3 times longer than the width of the upper belt and approximately 1.5 times as wide. They have a single, thin rectangular, silver adornment on the closed flap. Metal may be used or silver paint is acceptable for all pouch closures.
Across the rear of the belt, situated between the two large pouches are 3 smaller pouches. These pouches are the same color as the belts and large pouches and have a small silver circular closure proportioned to the size of the pouch. The pouches are similar in size to the width of the main belt.
The final element of the upper belt is the commlink holder. This is a section of leather the same width as the main belt that forms a vertical cylinder to hold the commlink in place. It is attached to the main belt and has the same two ”markings” as the main belt just inside the top and bottom edges.

d. Holsters

There are two holsters to house Sabine’s Westar 35s. Holsters should be of leather or leather like construction. The same color as the belt, pouches etc, they have a curved outer “sweep” to the shape of the panel that sits outboard of the holstered gun. The bottom of the holster is “open” to allow the muzzle of the gun to protrude. The holsters are attached to the bottom, thinner belt via a strap to the front and a strap to the back. Directly below all attachment points, is a horizontal metal strip approximately ¼ inch (6 mm) wide (but proportional to the wearer’s size) that runs the width of the strap. On the front two connection points there is also a vertical strip of metal sitting in the middle of the horizontal strip. This adornment is attached to the belt itself and is as long as the width of the belt. The two rear connections have no vertical strip present. Metal is preferred though other materials painted silver are acceptable if it achieves the correct look.

e. Gloves

Leather or leather like black gloves are now fingerless and tuck into the long sleeve glove. Gloves should tuck in long enough that no skin shows after the sleeve hem during movement. Gloves have the same orange and purple paint splatter, but are much more toned down. Nails should be kept unpainted and not excessively long.

f. Boots

Black wedge heeled boots extending to just below the knee. Zippers are acceptable but should not appear on the outside of the boot (i.e. inside calf) paint scheme should be similar in color to the gloves (purple, turquoise and orange splatters) and should approximate the appearance of reference images.[/box] [box]3. ARMOUR

Note: Armor painting and weathering:

Sabine’s paint scheme, as well as the weathering of her armor is her trademark. Her signature and a large part of her personality. It is extremely important that members creating this costume give the time and consideration to the appearance of each individual piece. Whilst it is not possible to recreate every scratch and nick, weathering representative of the armor seen in screenshots and reference images is required. Likewise, it is not possible to perfectly recreate the exact paint scheme from the Series, nor do we expect you to. The costumer must however, capture the main characteristics specific to the individual piece to successfully represent the character. Appropriate weathering required.

As far as the armor goes, these standards won’t run through every single color displayed on the costume. Like any creation it is expected that you will research carefully and refer back to the reference pictures throughout the build. They will however run through what the judges will be looking for in each piece during the assessment process i.e. general color scheme, characteristics of the paint work for that piece and appropriate weathering.

The purple color described throughout this standard is a saturated blue lavender color, and it recommended to not make this color too bright. Candidates should endeavor to keep this purple uniform throughout the build to the best of their ability.

Materials: Armor may be made of any materials as long as the look is accurate to the reference photos.

a. Chest armor

Two symmetrical pieces proportional to the wearer, slightly separated from each other covering a large portion of the chest. A third smaller piece fits in between the two larger sections and should be approximately three times as long as it is wide.

Paint Scheme: The left chest piece is a deep burgundy in the upper left corner with the orange/yellow Rebel starbird that is surrounded by three concentric circles of the same color. The circles have two “steps” in their circumference. The bottom portion of the left chest armor piece is painted the new purple color. The right chest piece is now purple while the dark red/scarlet color of last season’s armor still surrounds the white stripes running across the upper right corner. The center “chest diamond” is still yellow. Appropriate weathering required.

b. Shoulder armor

Two pieces, one either side of the neck running from the front of the chest, across the shoulder to the back.
Paint Scheme: The left piece is yellow-orange and features a purple and yellow decal running from close to the neck to the bottom edge. The right piece is striped in curves in this order from the neck: purple, yellow, scarlet, deep burgundy, scarlet. Appropriate weathering required.

c. Shoulder bells

The shape of the left and right shoulder bells is a curved upper edge with a relatively straight bottom edged section that surrounds the wearer’s shoulder. The shoulder armor should also have 4 subtle points, two on each side under the curve.
Paint Scheme: The left shoulder bell is yellow-orange with a convor decal on the side. The light mint green/light gray convor sits on a lime green background with pale purple cheeks and is outlined in a bright purple. The right shoulder bell is a black and white checkerboard background surrounding an orange oval. Adeep burgundy line borders the oval. Inside the oval is a stylized 5 made of a horizontal deep burgundy rectangle sitting on top of a deep burgundy sideways “U” both shapes are bordered by a pale yellow line.

d. Elbow armour

Each arm has two pieces of armor. One just above and one just below the elbow. They are secured with a wide piece of black elastic surrounding the arm. When the arm is straight, the respective pieces should almost be touching. As the arm is bent, the armor will naturally separate and move further apart.
Paint Scheme: The pieces are each painted orange with some deep burgundy and silver weathering on the edges on each piece.

e. Knee armour

The knee guards are a single piece of armor that attaches to the leg through a wide piece of black elastic.
Paint Scheme: The left knee is a light pink base with a scarlet or red color blended through the bottom portion of the knee up. The right knee guard has a light pink base split into thirds by two yellow stripes with a scarlet/red color blended on top of the pink. Appropriate weathering required.

f. Ankle armour

A single piece of armor that attaches to the top of each boot where the leg transitions to the foot. It is curved with six points.

Paint Scheme: Both left and right pieces have a scarlet/red base with lots of purple brushed over the top. Appropriate weathering required.

g. Shin amrour

Long pieces of armor that start just below the knee armor and meet flush with top and edges of the ankle armor. They have an indent at the top roughly the shape of the bottom of the knee armor that tapers down in a curve as it goes around, ending abruptly at the sides of the boot and coming straight down to a point. Note: these are not an optional heavy armor piece as Sabine wears these with or without her heavy armor gear.

Paint Scheme: Both left and right pieces have a scarlet/red base with lots of purple brushed over the top.[/box] [box]Hair/Wig

The style is cut as an asymmetrical bob with the bangs hanging on the right side of the face. The hair is stark white at the roots and fades from a light pink to purple to a bright blue at the ends.[/box] [box]Flares

Around the top of each boot is a series of leg flares. The leg flare holder is a light mission brown that holds a series of cylindrical, silver flares. The size of the flare should allow approximately 14-18 (there are 16) flares side by side to surround the top of the boot. The flares should protrude slightly from the ”flare belt” top and bottom.[/box] [box]Gauntlet Set 1

The left gauntlet comprises a purple base with orange and silver damage. The gauntlet passes around the wrist with a grey sided LED screen. Electronics are not required but the screen of the gauntlet should either be painted light green to simulate an electronic screen or painted one of the three images from the series that alternate across its face. Just forward of the main LED display are 4 light green triangles. The right gauntlet is purple with orange and silver damage, around the wrist with grey sided screen but has two LED screens on the top surface with a small LED either side of the main setup. The outboard side LED (RHS) is of iridescent blue. The inboard LED panel is iridescent blue for the top half but displays black for the bottom half. The top forward screen of the main LED displays a black background with a series of red elliptical lights that are aligned in a vertical row. The panel behind displays an arrow and rectangular figure on a traditional light green display.

Final paint scheme and weathering should be consistent with reference images.[/box] [box]Hand Plates

The hand plates are a non-symmetrical hexagon with the longest side being toward the front of the hand.
Paint Scheme: The left hand plate is a purple base with an orange partial circle in the upper left corner. It is surrounded by two concentric orange circles, one thicker than the other that have a “step” in their design. The right hand plate is purple base with a diagonal orange line across the middle.[/box]


[box]1. Blasters: Sabine wields two Westar 35s. These may be constructed from any material so long as they look correct and are painted accurately. All logos must be removed. The right gun has a yellow base and the left gun a light blue base but the detail of the paint scheme is too detailed to describe via a narrative. Members will need to consult the reference images when painting their Westars to achieve the required appearance. Whilst it is not required, if a candidate wishes to include electronics/LEDs, Sabine’s guns emit red light from the barrel when fired.

2. Stolen Jetpack: The jetpack consists of two white symmetrical halves. Rounded at the top, narrowing and ending at a point at the bottom; black or charcoal gray style lines run around the halves. Between the two halves rests a black pole with a rounded top and fluted rocket at the bottom. A quarter of the way down the pole sits an orange rectangle with white decals connecting the two halves. The jetpack rests on an approximate 2’ rounded square shape that sticks to the back of the flight suit shirt. The jetpack should have no visible straps and hug close to the back.

3. End of season Jetpack and gauntlets combination: The jetpack is painted a bright neon purple with dark purple “wings” spread out across the back, traced in silver similar to the helmet. Includes red details. This jetpack paint scheme can only be worn with the gray gauntlets, however, the gray gauntlets can be worn without the jetpack. Gauntlets are made as follows: The right vambrace has a cradle and rocket mounted on top. On the sides of the rocket cradle are semi-cylinders with a flame thrower coming out of each. The left gauntlet has a simply housing on top with three darts coming out of the front. Both should be accurate to reference pictures, and should be painted gray with yellow details to match.

4. Sprayer: Sabine’s sprayer should be of appropriate size and have a red rocker switch in front with 5 silver ”buttons” down the side and a silver gas canister at the rear. It should be accurately painted with paint splatters around the nozzle and face.

5. Commlink: The commlink itself is similar to that seen in ANH but has a longer more cone like section as the speaking end but instead of white and black, is silver and black. Flexibility will be given in the construction of the commlink. The commlink is almost entirely hidden by the leather holder so a Star Wars commlink of reasonable accuracy will be acceptable. The commlink rests in the cylindrical holder on the left side.

6. Helmet: Mandalorian helmet with distinctive shaped “eyes” and a range finder on the right hand side.
Paint Scheme: There are at least six colors featured on Sabine’s helmet. It is a complex, but beautiful design. It isn’t practical to describe the exact design through narrative so candidates of this costume will need to study the reference images in order to reproduce the helmet accurately.

7. Clear Shield: Must look like reference found here:

8. DarkSaber Hilt: See reference for details.

9. Dark Saber Hilt & Blade: Blade is dark black with silver lace like tendrils on bottom edge reference photo found here:[/box]




  1. Photo reference gallery
  2. Photo reference gallery
  3. Rebel Legion UCGR forum



Written by liyaJ & Stardancer1914

Confirmed 30 August 2017.



PLEASE NOTE: The costume standards are a guide, yet are not an all inclusive outline of required elements. The judges will be looking for quality of workmanship, accurate execution and use of materials in addition to these general standards check lists. If you have a question about fabrics, colors, and parts choices for your build please contact the LCJs for your category about parts/materials you are considering before you start your build. (LCJ listing here)