Senate Guard (Episode III: Revenge of the Sith)

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The Senate Guard, sometimes called the Blue Guard and, prior to 22 BBY, informally known as the Coruscant Guard, was a law enforcement agency of the Galactic Republic.

(Source Wookieepedia)


1. Screen accurate blue helmet with solid plume and black visor. Helmet color should match outer robe color.
2. Royal or dusty blue ankle length velvet or velvet-like ”sleeved” outer robe (no crushed or panne velvet) with a slit for each arm, and a blue lining a shade lighter than outer robe.
3. Grayish blue inner robe. Blue should be lighter than outer robe.
4. Blue shirt or tunic and pants or long sleeved coverall in a shade lighter than the outer robe.
5. Blue fitted gloves that match outer robe (black is acceptable but not preferred). Gloves should be worn under the sleeves of the shirt/coverall.
6. Black at least calf high leather or pleather boots, no rubber boots. Pants may be tucked or untucked into boots.
7. Senate Rifle or Force Pike.

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