Signals Intelligence Tech Tenzigo Weems

Signals Intelligence Technician (Rogue One)

ALL, Rogue One, Troopers


Signals Intelligence Technicians were technicians who served in the early rebel movement on Yavin, prior to the battle on Scarif.


1. Shirt:

– Long sleeved tan, khaki, beige or coyote colored shirt with a collar ending in two points.

– Front has a rectangular bib with seams on the bottom and both sides. The bottom seam of the bib is two to three inches above the belt line.

– Double rows of stitching (flat-felled or similar) in each seam is recommended.

– Optional back yoke.

– Worn tucked into the pants.

– The sleeves of the shirt do not have cuffs.

2. Trousers:

BDU-style pants in chocolate brown or khaki with cargo pocket on each outer thigh. Pants may have accurate padding sewn in to knees. Pant legs are worn inside the boots.

3. Belt:

Tan/Khaki/Coyote brown colored web belt with roll-pin buckle. A British PLCE roll pin belt, which is worn inside out. The belt contains 5 (five) vertical loops for mini-flares on both sides, v The mini-flares are made of metal or other materials by chimera motors that, when finished, have a metallic silver appearance.

4. Boots:

Chelsea-style boots in brown or black leather. No visible laces.

5. Anklet-style cuff:

An anklet style cuff. The cuff should have the same color as the boots. The right cuff has two silver colors cylinders. The cylinders can be made of metal, wood or plastic.


1. Accurate headset.


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