In Memorial – Chanel Vanecek

Fallen Rebels

Chanel “Padme_Skywalkr” Vanecek  – Endor Base

February 07, 1980 – October 25, 2003

“Chanel was the very heart of not only SF Fan Force but the SW community in general. With her passing we all now see how much she has been in the center of so many different clubs in our corner of the galaxy. Her love, dedication, and spirit for all of us is part of the living Force now and the Force will be with us all always.” – Ming Pan

“I spoke with her in passing a few times but even so her enthusiasim and energy was unmistakable. Her loss will be felt throughout the community.” – Matthew Worsdell

In Memorial – Christian Richards

Fallen Rebels

Christian T. Richards “Chris_Agony” – Echo Base
Oct. 11, 1978 – July 19, 2011

“Chris was a tremendously giving person – to his family, friends, and to the Legions (both 501st and Rebel respectfully). In July 2011, Chris passed quite suddenly. I never met him personally nor trooped with him, but his humor and exploits in Western PA are legendary. All of Garrison Carida and Echo Base mourn his passing. R-I-P, Chris.”  – Tim Levan, BCO – Echo Base

In Memorial – Greg Moss

Fallen Rebels

Greg “propgeek1701” Moss – Mountain Base

November 23, 2006

Greg Moss quietly passed away in his sleep on Thanksgiving night (11/23/2006). Greg, a member of Mountain Base, had a heart of gold and was always willing to help wherever he could. He was also known to pull out his guitar and play some songs for the troops on occasion. Greg had a degree in Theology and was considering a PhD in Psychology.

In Memorial – Joe Price

Fallen Rebels

Joe “vampyregodz” Price – Ra Kura Base

Joe “vampyregodz” Price, beloved husband of Sheila “Mara Pricestar” Price, passed away March 6, 2008. Joe was loved dearly by members of Ra Kura Base and the Florida Garrison of the 501st. He was loved so very much by everyone.

Joe had been having several health issues for some time but was a true fighter and go getter. He always arranged and done many charity events despite his own health. He exemplified the true meaning of a trooper. At times he had to attend events by means of his powered scooter, just to do whatever it took to participate at events. In 2007, he even participated in SWW by means of his scooter. The man was truly admirable.

In Memorial – Justin Johnstone

Fallen Rebels

Justin “CrossScar” Johnstone  – Corellian Base

May 16, 1981 –  January 23, 2008

Justin “CrossScar” Johnston lost his lifelong fight with Cystic Fibrosis on January 23, 2008. A beloved friend and member of the Corellian Base and the Alabama Star Wars Syndicate, Justin was also a talented photographer. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

A very close friend of Justin’s, Angela “AlabamaAmidala” Harris, wrote the following:

In Memorial – Nick Ring

Fallen Rebels

Nick Ring

May 9 1986 – July 5 2008

Nick’s death came unexpectedly following an unforeseen complication after elective surgery. He was a very active member of the 501st and a huge Star Wars fan. He had boundless energy when it came to trooping and was always willing to go to any event he could attend.

In Memorial – Roice Petschauer

Fallen Rebels

Roice “StyEpsen” Petschauer  – Alpha Base

May 15, 1985 – July 15, 2002

“Roice was my friend. Some would say that I only state this because he’s gone, that hindisght is 20/20. But we’ve known each other for almost three years, good friends for nearly two, and I felt closer to him than many of the people I see every day here at home.” – Jake Tolby

“Reading his posts he left, brought smiles and more often laughter to this Imperial Pilot. A person who can give that gift of laughter to someone they haven’t met, is a special person indeed. And one that will be missed.” – Vexx DuKrinn

In Memorial – Sean Connaughton

Fallen Rebels

May 25, 1973 – January 13, 2013

On January 13, Sean lost his battle with Cancer. He loved the Rebel Legion and will be missed by so many.

Donations in Sean’s memory may be made to the American Cancer Society.


In Memorial – Terry Cannon

Fallen Rebels

Grampy-Wan (Terry Cannon) was a nine year veteran of the Rebel Legion, costuming as a Jedi, a Pilot, an RFT, and he was seen every year of Phoenix Comic Con playing poker for charity in his favorite costume, Obi-Wan Kenobi.
A polio survivor, he never let his disabilities get in the way of doing good, especially for charities involving sick children. He was a founding member of Mos Eisley Base, as well as a member of the RLSC, the KJO, and RAID. He left us for the galaxy far, far away on October 4, 2016 at the age of 62.

In Memorial – Devin Leyden

Fallen Rebels

Devin “Vladric_Yavin” Leyden – Endor Base

November 11, 1965 – August 8, 2011

Devin was an active member, founder, and former leader of the Sacramento Fan Force. He also served as the first Sacramento Regional Captain for Endor Base. He was very helpful in getting Endor Base involved in events up in Sacramento and his help and enthusiasm  was always greatly appreciated.

We will all miss Devin’s cheerful, friendly and outgoing spirit.

In Memorial – Mike Bailey

Fallen Rebels

It is with a heavy heart that we need to add one more to our Fallen Rebel page.
Mike “ukchewbacca” Bailey of Elstree Base, passed away this past weekend.

Michael joined Elstree in 2010 with his Chewbacca costume and I had the pleasure of meeting him at Legoland 2011. He was a lovely, friendly man with no airs and graces and a pleasure to troop with. He was certainly a hit with the crowds who flocked to see him in his Chewie.  He was a well-liked and respected member of the costuming community in the UK and he will be sorely missed.
– Suzi Stelling (suzijedi), Base Commanding Officer

In Memorial – Ryan Jones

Fallen Rebels

Ryan “JediAgent” Jones passed away October 19, 2011 after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Ryan was an active member in both the Rebel and 501st Legions. His heart always focused on charity, even when tough times affected his own life. He was a brilliantly talented fiddler, as well as Doctor Who costumer. Ryan not only physically resembled the Tenth Doctor, but his heart and soul mimicked the time traveler’s own. Like the Doctor, Ryan touched the lives of hundreds, if only even for a second. He leaves behind a community who will always feel the absence of the bright spark with which he lived his life.

Donations can be made in Ryan’s honor to several charities, including the ASPCA and Make-A-Wish Foundation.

“He will always be remembered as someone who could spontaneously make a room fill with happiness.” – RL member George Starkey

In Memoriam – Craig Budge

Fallen Rebels

Craig “TheSniper” Budge 

Craig was a highly valued and respected member of Tatooine since joining 2009, in his heart, he was a Rebel and enjoyed crafting and building Star Wars costumes and props and always willing to help anyone out even if he had never built it.  Craig enjoyed traveling, well before joining RL, having travelled the east coast of Australia and working for many years on the Ski fields of Australia. He was a Baker and at all the major convention, he always brought a cake with some type of Star Wars decoration. Your friends and members of the Star Wars costuming community will miss you buddy!